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Czestochowa University of Technology
International Students Office

Postal address:
Erasmus+ KA103 Programme
ul. Dabrowskiego 69, room. nr 1,
42-201 Czestochowa

tel: +48 34 3250 431

fax: +48 34 3254 066
e-mail: erasmus@adm.pcz.pl
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Erasmus+  KA103  How to apply?

Czestochowa University of Technology - Erasmus Code: PL CZESTOC01
Erasmus Policy Statment 2014-2020     |     Erasmus University Charter 2014-2020




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last update: 2019-04-25

PLEASE NOTE THAT (information for TRAINEESHIPS)  - our dormitories are almost up to the limit for the academic year 2019/2020 (almost fully booked), already. Therefore, we cannot promise that the place for all incoming trainees who did not apply yet will be guaranteed  – availability depends on a free places and complete application documents delivery term.

If you are the Student...  

...and if you are going to study at CUT within the Erasmus+ scheme, you should:


Do not miss the application deadline

STUDIES SPRING semester 2019/2020: January 31st 2020
AUTUMN semester 2019/2020: August 31st 2019
TRAINEESHIPS not defined - please contact our coordinator in advance

and keep the procedure as follows (only 4 easy steps left to apply successfully):

To be intaken by our university, you have to be nominated by your home university/coordinator direct (office-to-office), prior.

  1. Fill in the APPLICATION FORM (use the BLOCK LETTERS, please).  To complete it you will need to enclose:
    1. scan of your photo
    2. the scan of your national ID card or the scan of yor passport (the page with photo)
      (Note that: if you are non Schengen-zone / non-EU citizen the scan of your passport is obligatory -  the scan of national ID card cannot be accepted instead)
  2. Fill in the LEARNING AGREEMENT.
    • You will have to establish/agree it (choose components/subjects) with cooperation between three parties (you, your home erasmus coordinator and our erasmus faculty coordinator)
      based on:  available COMPONENTS (SUBJECTS') lists - for STUDY mobility
                          negotiated programme with faculty coordinator - for TRAINEESHIP mobility


      Learning Agreement needs to be established in close contact and cooperation among you, your home faculty coordinator and our faculty coordinator and needs to be confirmed by them before it will be signed. When consulted with our faculty coordinator, signed by the student and signed and stamped by his Home University Erasmus+ authorities, it should be e-mailed to our office at:
      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (PDF file format preferred) or mailed by traditional post to our postal address
      If you apply for traineeship, please note that our university prefers traineeships not shorter than 3 months and not longer than 3.5 months. Be also awared, that the side covering insuracnes during your traineeship (student or Home University) have to be clearly defined within Learning Agreement. If not, document will not be accepted by us.


      If you will chose the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science as your destination faculty at CUT, you need to contact MECS faculty coordinator in advance. The MECS faculty has got more strict requirements regarding the application path than other faculties, so you need to ask the coordinator for the details, directly.

  3. When the LEARNING AGREEMENT will be positively agreed/established (subjects selected and confirmed),
    you should e-mail us the scans (PDF file prfered) or mail paper copies of both signed and stamped documents (signed by you and signed and stamped your Home University Erasmus+ authorities).
  4. We will send you an INVITATION LETTER and we will confirm you the accommodation at our dormitory, then.
    (the room will be booked and waiting for your arrival, as you requested)
    PLEASE NOTE THAT: If you apply for a traineeship and the copy of your health, accident and liability insurance is not delivered to us with your Learning Agreement, the acceptance letter will be provisional, only. Therefore, you need to deliver us a copy of above mentioned insurances, before you will arrive at our university. Otherwise, our acceptance will be not valid and your traineeship mobility will be terminated. Above mentioned insurances need to cover the whole mobility period given in your Leraning Agreement.

After the study period you will be asked to fill in the anonymous questionnaire. Its goal is to improve the qulity of international student exchange at CUT with every new semester.

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